Creator anboorgoor
Creation May 28, 2010
Type Screamer
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Annoying,easily provoked
Fighting style Short to Medium Range
Abilities *Sonic Scream
  • Spring
Weaknesses *Removing his spring
  • Ear protection
Status Alive
Occupation Resting in his crate, Screaming "ASS!"
Allies Abstract Spy

Assnick is a L4D2 Monster, created by YouTube user anboorgoor.

His theme is Kirby Superstar Ultra-Marx Soul Battle.


Assnick appears as Nick from Left 4 Dead 2, but his limbs are replaced with those of an animal.

Behaviuor & PersonalityEdit

Assnick usually resides inside crates to rest. When someone opens his crate, he appears as usually screaming "ASS!" at the person. When the victim gets annoyed, they will hit Assnick, making him angry. He starts to scream "ASS!" with more intensity, often resulting in the victim getting scared and running away. Afterwards, Assnick will proceed to chase them, every time ending in them pinned to the ground.

However, if the victim still attempts to escape, Assnick will turn around to point his rump to their face, revealing a hidden Ass-chelle that performs a special reverse scream, resulting in then victim's head shrinking and violently imploding.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Assnick can scream inhumanly loud, enough that his victims' heads would explode as a result. This is his main line of attack and defense.

Since his legs are stoned, Assnick is able to move around thanks to a spring that comes out of his anal cavity. It is used only for movement, or for dodging attacks.

Another ability, though rarely used, is to turn other L4D characters into "Ass" versions of themselves. Once turned, it is unknown if the transformed can be returned to normal.

Faults & WeaknessesEdit

Assnick, so far, has not shown any defensive abilities. This makes him vulnerable to any attack if he's fast enough to sprout his spring.

If Assnick's spring were to be separated from his body, he will be unable to move and would be rendered helpless.

If Assnick's victim has ear protection, they are invulnerable to the monster's ear shattering scream.


  • Surprisingly, Assnick is relatively docile to most.
  • Unknowingly why, Assnick will attack any weeboo he sees. The exact reason why is unknown.
  • Assnick can sense living beings, as an example of him screaming "ASS!", even when the victim hasn't opened his crate.
  • It is rumored that Assnick is friends with Abstract Spy, this however still isn't confirmed.

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