Creator CodePurple
Creation 20/03/2015
Debut [GMod] Cul-De-Sac Randomness
Type Abomination, Artificially intelligent Animatronic
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Erratic, Crazy
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities Ear Raping
Status Unknown
Occupation Ear Rapist
Trouble Maker
Superiors GAYPENlS
Enemies Fluttershout
Anyone that he finds them as "easy targets"

BEARPENlS is an Animatronic Freak created by YouTube user CodePurple.

Appearance and BehaviorEdit

BEARPENlS appears to be a "younger" version of Withered Freddy from Five Nights At Freddy's 2 as well Golden Freddy, but wearing a Australium Gold Dr's Dapper Topper. He also possesses Heavy's voice but four times pitched up.

Like his TF2 counterpart, BEARPENlS mostly peform his actions that would cause nothing but trouble, he's often not malicious depending his current state. When under his master's command, BEARPENlS will suddenly appear in any location that GAYPENlS wants and will immediately perform an Ear Rape.

During his free time, he will attempt to find any kind of food to eat, or provoking anyone which he finds them as "easy targets". He also has a very bad habit of performing unethical acts, typically involving the Mad Milk (which he refers it as "Cemen").

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

BEARPENlS is able to use "Ear Rape", otherwise, blasting loud music/sound effects that spreads through the area around him. Most of time, his victims that got affected by earrape will end up their heads blown to pieces in a gruesome detail. BEARPENlS can also break the fourth wall by bursting his viewers' ear drums, while they're unaware of ear rape.

After ear raping, BEARPENlS will mostly consume Mad Milk in order to regenerate his powers. By the way, the more he consumes, the louder the blast will be.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Along his TF2 counterpart, BEARPENlS can be easily startled the same way he does. He might get caught in a explosion, but causing nothing even a scratch. However, when hit in the groin, he will instantly collapse (Also announcing his death by saying "Ded!").
  • Despite being an Animatronic, he's still vulnerable to several kinds of damage like falling, getting shot with guns or having a nasty electrick shock.
  • His "Ear Rapes" are uneffective against freaks or monsters that block ear protection without his master.
  • When consuming too much Mad Milk, BEARPENlS will become bloated and very vulnerable.


Notable Videos Edit


  • I am bear PEEEENIIS!
  • I will kill you with ear rape!
  • I am the most dangerous bear, in history of WORLD!
  • You, STOOPID!
  • Cemen, again!
  • It was good cemen.

What will you need...Edit