Brute Drone
Brute Drone
Creator Hellman604
Creation 26/05/2013
Debut Brute Drone
Type Abomination
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Very Aggresive
Fighting style Melee
Abilities One-Hit Knock-Out
Enhanced Speed
Horrifying Look
Status Undead
Occupation Patroler(Danger,Search)
Superiors Undead Demoknight

Brute Drone is an Amnesia-based freak created by YouTube user Hellman604.


The monster was created by an Undead Demoknight. He was made from bodies of 2 Super Soldier Drones. With him, the undead Demoknight created a large danger to all freaks.

Personality & BehaviorEdit

The Brute Drone looks like one of Alexander's Brutes, but wearing a Battalion's Backup, like every other soldier drone. Like its regular brute comrades, the drone version of him has a head that is split open in an almost floral shape, with teeth lining the inside of the opening along with a single eye and wears a leg-less metal tunic that makes creaks when brute drone walks.

Abilities & PowersEdit

The Brute Drone is quite a horrifying creation, that even a look at him forcing almost any freak to either hide or run (With One Exception). This beast can sprint at his victims very quickly without being outrunnable.

Like regular brutes, the Brute drone can takedown victims with one hit, but instead he knocks them out, while only regular Brutes can kill.

Faults & WeaknessesEdit

  • Though he looks frightening, staring or looking at him doesn't drain a witness' sanity.
  • He breaks doors slower then regular brute, having to break them from 5 hits while regular brutes can do it in 2 hits. This can give the victim an advantage of outrunning him.
  • A victim with weapons or special abilities can fight back to knock out the Brute Drone out, but not kill the Drone. Scouts can blast him with a Scattergun, while Ass Pancakes can 'bonk' the hell out of Brute Drone while he is distracted by the door.

Notable VideosEdit

Brute Drone

Brute Drone's partner

Hide and Seek with himEdit


Dangerous Bacon

Danger ThemeEdit

Danger:Brute Drone

Search ThemeEdit

Search:Brute Drone

Chase ThemeEdit

Attack:Brute Drone(on 1:35)