Derpy Sonic
You're Too Slow!
Creator sonicblast86
Creation 22 February 2012 (Concept)
Debut Derpy Sonic (DeviantArt)
Derpy Sonic (YouTube Debut)
Type Hedgehog Freak
Alignment Chaotic Netural
Attitude Derpalistic
Fighting style Psychic
Abilities Controling individuals to act like him with a touch from his fingers
Weaknesses Chili Dogs
Status Active
Occupation Goofball?
Allies VagiTails

Derpy Sonic is a Hedgehog Freak created by sonicblast86.

His theme is Sonic CD - Collision Chaos Bad Future Japan Version.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Derpy Sonic appears as a regular Sonic the Hedgehog ragdoll with the exception of both of his eyes which are outward. His index fingers extends to his victim when he is the process of converting the victim.

Bio Edit

Eggman was trying to create a clone of his nemesis Sonic, but unfortunately for him it went very wrong and resulted in Sonic's clone being almost a complete idiot. Dr. Eggman then decided to scrap his failed experiment and cast Derpy Sonic out.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Derpy Sonic is capable of spazzing himself up first saying "You're Too Slow" over and over, then rapidly moving his fingers and extending them. This makes the victim derpy like him. Even some TF2 Freaks such as Ass Pancakes are not immune to this.

  • Can control people to make them act exactly like him when he touches them or when they touch him
    • Undone when he snaps with his fingers
  • Extending his fingers to touch anyone from a far distance, three consecutive touches from him can make anyone explode
  • Super-sonic speed (just like the regular Sonic)
  • Invincibility to everything that isn't part of his weaknesses
  • Can use the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds to become Super Derpy Sonic
  • Regeneration of health and body parts (like arms, legs, fingers, or the head.)

Weaknesses Edit

He is unable to harm other characters of equally questionable intellect, such as Derpy Hooves. He is also incapable of causing any harm to the real Sonic the Hedgehog.

  • Chili Dogs will kill him, like Eppaljeck does.
  • His enemies are, The Equestrian Mistakes (basically leaving those characters alone, though they can overtake him because of this).

Trivia Edit

  • He only speaks in backwards (like Vagineer's Vaginese and Eppaljeck).
  • He moves sorta like Painis Cupcake.
  • The only sentence he can say not backwards is "You're too Slow" (which he says repeatedly).
  • He also has a friend named VagiTails.
  • Cakehole Cadenza is actually the first GMod freak to be immune from Derpy Sonic's Derpy touch.

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