Dr. Hax
Dr. Hax
Creator DasBoSchitt
Creation 22nd November 2008
Debut The Gmod Idiot Box:
Episode 1
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Attitude Serious
Fighting style Ranged
Abilities PC (CRT (cathode ray tube) monitor throwing
Ban Hammer
Status Alive
Occupation Hunting hackers
Enemies Hackers and cheaters

Dr. Hax is a Hacker obsessed Gmod freak created by Youtube user DasBoSchitt.


Dr. Hax appears as a standard Dr. Breen with an inflated head.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

Dr. Hax has a one sided personality and is rarely seen when not dealing with a hacker. Even in these situations he has the same angry expression.

Dr. Hax lives to hunt down and punish hackers. When confronting a hacker, he will point a finger at said hacker and promptly scream "HAAAAAAAAAAAX!" before attacking the hacker.

He also decides who is a hacker or not by analysing the scenario, declaring someone a hacker if he did something normally impossible, but he's nice to non-hackers as long as they don't break his own rules from step one. He also hunts for any type of hackers he decides to execute, such as Aimbot, Speed, Wall, Password, ESP, Tapping, and Spin hackers, including noclip users.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dr. Hax's only power is to spawn an old PC monitor and launch it at a hacker. Upon impact, the monitor is supposedly capable of killing its target in one blow. At other times, he brandishes a Ban Hammer which has a built-in mode in order to banish hackers such as Chuckles. After banning a person, He is able to change the time of the ban until it's expired by touching the word which says 1 week to 1 month etc. When battling, He uses the Ban Hammer as a melee weapon commonly no matter what he desires with.

He also self-destruct by shouting "I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!" whenever he's really pissed of or something. After he explodes, he respawns in 10-15 seconds.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

  • Dr. Hax will only use his powers against people he accuses of hacking, which means that any opponent that is not hacking is not in any significant danger.
  • If Dr. Hax gets hit by a computer monitor, he dies, causing his head to go back to normal.

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