Ekim's current look before losing its eyes
Creator CodePurple
Type Undead
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Insane
Fighting style Melee
Abilities Cannibalism
Weaknesses Suit pressure
Status Undead
Occupation Complete Monster
Allies Sewer Medic (Neutral)
Enemies Anyone who enters his sewer

Ekim is an undead Animatronic Monster created by YouTube user CodePurple.

His neutral theme is Manhunt 2 Soundtrack - Red Light (Yellow).

His attack theme is Manhunt Soundtrack - Deliverance (Spotted).

Appearance and Behavior Edit

Ekim is an male human being stuffed into a Freddy Fazbear suit, also mentally disturbed and cannibalistic mass murder who spends most of his time motionless in his sewer looking for a prey.

Ekim resting

He is almost completely inhuman in behavior and has lost all connection with reality. His mental state has quickly degraded into an animalistic and child-like state, as he seems to only be capable of screaming and barely mimicking a bear's grunts and roars.

He is a remorseless killer, torturing anyone who came across his path and murder them in a horrifying way. However, he's completely neutral with several GMod Monsters such as Sewer Medic and will always avoid attacking them, unless if they started it.

Powers and Abillities Edit

Ekim remains motionless for hours when searching for a prey. When alerted, he will shout a loud roar and starts chasing the victim while carrying a melee weapon such as an axe, an hacksaw or a meat cleaver.

Ekim chasing

Once the victim gets caught, he will brutally mutilate the latter into pieces and tear it's head off. After murdering, Ekim consumes the victim's remains in order to regain stamina after the chase.

After the loss of his eyes, Ekim is still able to see without them. Sometimes, his red "pupils" are visible in the dark.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

  • Due to his erratic behavior, Ekim is prone to (deliberately) falling into the ground while chasing a victim, Leaving the latter a chance to escape.
  • The pressure caused by the suit would drain his stamina quickly while running.
  • After a long isolation in the sewer, Ekim is very vulnerable to sunlight, which will burn his skin and leaving him temporarily blind.

Trivia Edit

  • He's based off from Piggsy, the tertiary antagonist of a highly controversial video game Manhunt. Both of them are mentally ill and have a child-like behavior. And they mimick animal sounds depending on their appearance.
  • His name is "Mike" in backwards. Obviously a nod to Five Nights At Freddy's protagonist Mike Schmidt.
  • He also uses the same voice as Sawrunner and Psycho from Cry of Fear.

Notable Videos Edit