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This wiki is about the GMod Monsters that don't have a Team Fortress 2 based model, or things of the sort. This page is meant for GMod Freaks/Monsters from games such as L4D1 & 2, Portal, HL2. In addition to this, we welcome creations from non-source games like Mario, FNAF (despite it became popular for a short time span), Sonic and etc. All we need is any kind of freak or monster if you want. So, be polite, don't upload obscure information, behave yourself, and have a good time here on the GMod FreakShow Wiki! Read the official guide here.

Rules Edit

  • Do not copy other freaks or monsters. (which is not limited to TF2 as well)
  • GMod freaks and monsters on this wiki cannot be Team Fortress 2 characters. If you want to make one, go to TF2 FreakShow Concept instead.
  • If there were a monster that doesn't have an video debut or lack of video appearance, go to GMod Freak Concept instead.
  • If you make a page, you must be able to allow other people to edit the page.
  • Respect other people's opinions, but don't shove yours down their throats
  • Please avoid trolling, spamming, or being rude. Only constructive criticism is allowed and encouraged.
  • If someone breaks a rule, please inform an admin.

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