Flying kleinertub gang by halbuzzkill-d469402
Creator HalBuzzkill
Creation 22nd February 2012
Debut Defiant Troll Pt 1
Alignment True Neutral
Attitude Random
Abilities *Dependent on variation
Status Mass-produced
Occupation Transportation

Kleiner-Vehicles are mass-produced semi-sentient vehicles made to be ridiculous while still functional. They come in many variations and with wildly variable functions.


Kleiner-Vehicles, as stated, come in many forms, and their appearance is dependent on the form they take. Most existing Kleiner-Vehicles have bathtub bodies, and most of those come in Copter and Jet variations. They are generally unarmed, but this can be easily remedied as they are mostly machines, and thus, modifiable.

However, a trait all Kleiner-Vehicles share, and the reason for their name, is the titular Kleiner forepiece. Generally on the front of the body, these Kleiners are the reason Kleiner-Vehicles can operate at all. They can react of their own accord to stimuli, but they cannot manipulate their own actions.

Personality and BehaviourEdit

A Kleiner-Vehicle's personality depends on what its creator gives it in that area. Many of them don't have personalities of their own due to the whole mass-production thing, but customized KleinerVs tend to have some semblance of their own psychological profile.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kleiner-Vehicles' abilities are similarly dependent on their form. Most that have been seen are deliberately designed for, and thus are capable of, flight and the carrying of considerable weight. Other variations of Kleiner-Vehicles have different capabilities, depending on what the creator deemed they should have.

Faults and WeaknessesEdit

Kleiner-Vehicles can't operate on their own. When left without a driver/pilot, Kleiner-Vehicles are rendered out of control, either moving wildly on their own if abandoned while still moving, or unable to move of their own accord at all otherwise. Heavy modification by a mechanical/AI expert can potentially remedy this to an extent, and allow a Kleiner-Vehicle to operate on its own.