Piria Cakez
Piria Cakez
Creation 20 abr. 2015
Type Psychopath
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Attitude Maniacal, bloodthirsty
Fighting style Short- to mid-range
Abilities Enhanced fitness

Rage Mode Superhuman stamina Pocket arsenal Slide

Status Active
Occupation Carving Artist

Serial Killer

Superiors Rodagio Dazzsome
Allies Sonica Douskan
Piss Cakehole is a belligerent and homicidal pony Gmod Monster created by Deviantart user Rachidna & YouTube user Stefano.

(Next time get your Information right)

She is a combination of Aria Blade and Piss Cakehole.

Her theme is the same as Piss Cakehole.

Her Rage theme is the same as Piss Cakehole

Appearence Edit

Piria Cakez is very similar to aria blade, except is different her skin is red with stripe pink, light pink and black stripe her hair is pink and red and her eyes are red.

Notable Videos Edit