Creator Otzedotze
Creation 1st October 2011
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Attitude Random
Abilities * Shooting a toilet
 * Exploding
 * Creating TNT in his mouth
 * Utilising a Portal Gun
 * Floating
Status Alive and Kicking
Occupation Stumpenmann
Allies Stumpenfrau

Stumpenmann, sometimes called "Stumpen mann", is a GMOD freak created by YouTube user Otzedotze.

Appearance Edit

Stumpenmann takes the appearance of Dr. Kleiner from Half-Life 2 with an inflated head and misses his lower arms and legs.

Personality and Behaviour Edit

It is not much known of his personality, as he is only seen showing "emotions" at two occasions.

His behaviour however, is very random, varying from falling from the ceiling and emitting smoke, exploding after a failed bowling attempt to sitting still in front of a PC.

He is seen exploding or being squashed in mostly every appearance, but if he likes it or not is debatable.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Stumpenmanns only means of an actual fighting ability would be a stick of dynamite that he can create inside his mouth. Other abilities include:

  • Floating (which is his main means of transportation)
  • Shooting a toilet from his behind (as an unsuccesful attempt to bowl a strike)
  • Creating explosions randomly
  • Using Portal Guns to create portals
  • and emitting smoke.

Faults and Weaknesses Edit

Stumpenmann was only seen fighting once, but it is shown in one of his appearances that he can be very oblivious to any form of attacks, as a Combine unit could break into his house easily, destroying everything around him without Stumpenmann even moving an inch by himself.

Trivia Edit

  • Stumpenmann was created as a lethal joke character, as the videos he stars in are rarely made with any effort and include very random creations and situations.
  • The videos that include Stumpenmann are made in German, but since the videos don't have any logic at all, it doesn't affect the watching experience.

Notable Videos Edit